the clubhouse

The Clubhouse model uses a work-ordered day to foster personal empowerment, improved communication skills, long-term relationships, and job-skills training.


Community 43 believes everyone has a need to be needed. Contributing to the maintenance and health of the community gives purpose and meaning to both members and staff.

Clubhouse Units

Life in the clubhouse revolves around units, which is an area oriented around a shared interest.
Take a view of each here below.

Healthy Life



On the Community 43 campus, you’ll see an active outdoor urban garden and array of indoor plants. Our focus on horticulture emphasizes the importance of working together towards a common goal. Members enjoy all kinds of goodies from the garden, like fresh herbs, slow growing vegetables, and fruit trees. They also package seeds for sale on the online store.


At the Home + Garden Unit, members see the effects of urban gardening on a 5,000 square foot plot. The horticulture skills learned can be translated back into the home and community. Along with gardening, Home + Garden also teaches the values of working together towards a common goal.


The level of effort we put into our programs to have our plants flourish is second to none, and that effort lets us harvest all kinds of plants from our daily gardening.



Our community Chefs are encouraged to learn about healthy nutrition and healthy choices which ties into their own behavioral and physical well-being. Culinary skills are taught in our fully equiped commercial kitchen and dining area. Here members have the opportunity to learn how to prepare healthy meals, fulfill ticket orders, use a POS system, shop on a budget and utilize ingredients to serve fellow members and the community. From our culinary program, members build skills for employment and overall well being.





Community 43 participate in their self-care in all areas of life: mental, physical, and spiritual. Members inspire each other to set and reach wellness goals with daily walks, cardiovascular fitness, weight management, nutrition, and mindfulness. We also offer special groups to help with the treatment of chronic health conditions, substance abuse, and smoking cessation.

C43 Skills



Community members are invited to improve professional skills that lead to opportunities off-site. Some of these activities include basic computer literacy, resume building, video creation, learning desktop publishing programs, and administrative duties. These skills empower members to volunteer at the front desk and participate in other on-site programs that require tech skills.



The Welcome + Advocacy program gives members the opportunity to host campus tours for guests, attend outreach events, contribute to the C43 newsletter, and plan birthday celebrations for peers.

They also reach out and say hello to members who may be struggling with unexpected hardships. These tasks are essential to members’ sense of belonging and community cohesion.




Community 43 is a great place for members who are looking for extra help while attending school. Areas of focus are General Education Development (GED), tutoring and mentorship, community college classes, and trade school support. This program is in its infancy, but growing quickly as Community 43 expands.



At Community 43, we do our best to help members fulfill their employment goals. Aside from inhouse work opportunities, like food markets and mural commissions, members are encouraged to apply for jobs that cater to their unique needs. Staff assist with job applications, transportation, and more.

Creative Arts



Community 43 is providing our community the opportunity to develop socially as well as professionally as they learn about art and its history from ancient to contemperary sources.


Members will learn by doing, acquiring valuable skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, textiles and building a portfolio. 


Artists will also have the opportunity to be involved in creative employment, which includes community art, selling at markets and online, as well as entering shows both locally and globally.  Our artists will learn more about self-promotion, creative expression, and ultimately  how art can affect their mental health and wellness.



Aside from a weekly creative writing class, writers design and publish special projects such as newsletters, poetry books, cookbooks, and more. Members have found that self-expression through writing increases emotional harmony and feelings of empowerment.



Our music program offers individual music lessons, musical performance groups, and audio technology training. Members learn how to safely safe set-up and break-down equipment and use their varying talents to collaborate with each other. Karaoke is a weekly activity that always draws a crowd!

Additionally, members can pick up a new skill with our instruments, which include guitars, basses, keyboards, and percussion.
In the media unit, members aid in the creation of promotional videos, pictures, newsletters and zoom classes. This allows members to learn different programs for editing and design.